Monday, December 11, 2006

Behind the Pen

Whenever I have a pen in my hand, many things come into my mind. My imagination takes me to different places and places me into unique emotions. I have plenty of poems mostly on affections and broken-hearted feelings. When my passion for trekking came back, I tried to write articles about the climb. Here are some of my write ups.

1. Life Beyond Summit
2. The Pasakit Paceram
3. SABIT sa Batulao
4. SABITMountaineer Joined Makiling Tree Planting
5. Losin' Grip
6. Bega sa Kawa
7. SABIT sa Romelo
8. Pagbabalik sa Unang Pag-ibig
9. At the Roof of South East Asia
10. Nomads Batangas Challenge
11. Light Trek to Clouds
12. KaSABIT 1st Christmas Party
13. Two Peaks Adventure
14. Between the Edges of my Feet
15. Back to the Hands of the Rice God
16. Into the Pillars of Stone
17. The Windy Light Trek